29 novembre 2006

Justice Needed to Attain Peace, Says Pope

Justice Needed to Attain Peace, Says Pope
Addresses Diplomatic Corp in Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey, NOV. 28, 2006 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI emphasized the need for justice and respect for international institutions in order to usher in an era of peace when addressing the diplomatic corps accredited in Turkey.

"We have come to realize that true peace needs justice, to correct the economic imbalances and political disturbances which always give rise to tension and threaten every society," said the Pontiff in an address today to the diplomats in Ankara on the first day of his four-day trip to Turkey.

"The recent developments in terrorism and in certain regional conflicts have highlighted the need to respect the decisions of international institutions and also to support them, in particular by giving them effective means to prevent conflicts and to maintain neutral zones between belligerents, through the presence of peacekeeping forces," said the Holy Father.

All this, however, "remains insufficient unless there is authentic dialogue," said the Pope, "that is to say fruitful debate between the parties concerned, in order to arrive at lasting and acceptable political solutions, respectful of persons and peoples."

Benedict XVI mentioned in particular "the disturbing conflict in the Middle East, which shows no sign of abating and weighs heavily on the whole of international life."

"I am thinking of the risk of peripheral conflicts multiplying and terrorist actions spreading," said the Holy Father.

The Bishop of Rome expressed appreciation for "the efforts of numerous countries currently engaged in rebuilding peace in Lebanon, Turkey among them."

The Pope appealed "once more to the vigilance of the international community, that it not abandon its responsibilities, but make every effort to promote dialogue among all parties involved, which alone can guarantee respect for others, while safeguarding legitimate interests and rejecting recourse to violence."

Benedict XVI continued: "As I wrote in my first World Day of Peace Message, 'the truth of peace calls upon everyone to cultivate productive and sincere relationships; it encourages them to seek out and to follow the paths of forgiveness and reconciliation, to be transparent in their dealings with others, and to be faithful to their word.'"

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