19 agosto 2009

Letter to the editor of the Journal News. - Fr. Andrew Carrozza

August 18, 2009

To the editor:

In an editorial letter to the Journal News on August 18th, Adam Rothman, a member of the Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Board of Directors, states that “Planned Parenthood is a leader in delivering factual information about human sexuality and sexual health to students, young adults, parents, and professionals” and laments “that, after 93 years, many people are misinformed about the wide range of services and programs offered, which millions of women, men, and teens rely on every day to lead healthy productive lives.” I maintain that Planned Parenthood is coming under increased scrutiny, not because people don’t know what Planned Parenthood provides, but rather, because they do.

Perhaps they are aware that Planned Parenthood is a leader in handing out contraception to teens – even to junior high students – without their parents’ knowledge or permission.

Perhaps they are aware that Planned Parenthood claims it “deliver[s] factual information...about sexual health,” yet repeatedly opposes any informed consent legislation, which simply put, states that women must be informed before they choose to undergo an abortion of all the possible effects of their decision.

Perhaps they are aware that Planned Parenthood adamantly opposes any parental notification legislation which, simply put, would require parental consent when a minor requests an abortion.

Perhaps they are aware that Planned Parenthood opposes spousal notification laws, which would require a husband consent to the murder of his child. (So much for caring about men!)

Perhaps they are aware that Planned Parenthood consistently calls “post abortion stress syndrome” a myth created by pro-lifers, when countless women have testified to it, and I personally have counseled many women going through it – I assure you it is very real!

Perhaps they are aware that Planned Parenthood has claimed to be an organization concerned about providing women with accurate information to make responsible choices and live healthy lives, when in reality they were founded by Margaret Sanger, a hate-filled woman who used eugenics – the same argument Adolf Hitler used to justify his extermination of Jews – to encourage poor women to use birth control so that those with “inferior genes” would not “spawn” large numbers of children and “pollute” the gene pool with “imbeciles.”

Perhaps people are not as gullible as Planned Parenthood thinks they are. Perhaps they are finally beginning to see through its lies.

Rev. Andrew P. Carrozza, Pastor
St. Ann’s Church
854 Midland Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10704
(914) 965-1555

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