28 luglio 2006

Favorite Note

What do you consider to be the best single note in rock history? A note, that when you hear the song, you are listening and waiting for that specific note because you love it, and it does something to you - sparks some emotion or feeling in your soul. This can be a guitar note, bass note, piano, even vocal.

Name the artist and song, and if you know the name of the note, or even where it is played on whatever instrument, list that as well.

My favorite note of all time is found in Any Colour You Like, by Pink Floyd, from the album Dark Side of the Moon. It is the first electric guitar note of the song, and comes in at the 1:19 mark of the song. After listening to some amazing synthesizer/organ for the first minute and 18 seconds, this note kicks off one of the best electric guitar duets in rock history.

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