14 giugno 2008

Padding the Pockets of Planned Parenthood

source: http://www.sba-list.org/

There are several ways that Congress forces taxpayers like you to fund abortion advocates. A prime example is the Title X Program, which funds family planning services. This program is a hefty source of funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates. Nearly one quarter of all Title X funds go to Planned Parenthood clinics. Planned Parenthood received millions of dollars through this program last year and you can be sure they'll ask this Congress for an even greater funding increase this year.

According to federal regulations, all Title X clinics must offer referrals for abortions and dispense all forms of contraception. These clinics are not required to notify parents of minors who seek abortions or contraception. This loophole allows sexual predators to access contraception and obtain abortions to cover up the abuse of their victims. Last year, a Title X-funded Planned Parenthood clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio came under fire for refusing to report a disturbing case of incest. A young girl was brought by her abusive father to the clinic to receive an abortion. When the girl confessed her situation to clinic workers, no report was made to law enforcement. Planned Parenthood workers simply sent her back home with birth control, and her abuse continued for the next one and a half years. A sophomore studying at UCLA recently released shocking recordings uncovering blatant racism at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country.

A hired actor called the development offices of various Planned Parenthood sites and ask that the potential donation be only used to abort black babies. Not a single person with whom the actor spoke said no. In fact, one woman said the request was “understandable” and that she was “excited” to process it. Clinics who put their bottom line before the well-being of children and who turn a blind eye to a racist agenda are not deserving of taxpayer funds! Contact Congress today and urge them to oppose any efforts to increase the Title X program.

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Amelie ha detto...

Ugh, Planned Parenthood makes me sick. Another thing that makes me sick is that in Canada (and a few other countries), abortions are paid for by the government. So I had to pay for wisdom tooth surgery out of my own pocket, while someone else can have their baby killed for free.

Catolica despierta. Si a la vida.