06 gennaio 2009

Draft Talk #1

I am obsessed with the NFL Draft. One of my hobbies. So I'll periodically be posting some of my thoughts and writings about the talent out there, and the Giants needs.

References to "the sim" or "the simulation" are from the draft simulation at DraftTek.com

(12/11/08): I say we keep Kiwi at DE. It is his natural position. He can excel there while he is in my opinion just average at LB. I like Toellefson a lot too. Wynn will be gone next year I think he is a 12 year veteran or something. I like the idea of LB as first, then WR, CB, OL etc. Makes a lot of sense. Might also want to grab a MLB… I think Pierce will be in the clear with this Plax thing but I don’t know if Blackburn is the type who could step in and run a defense. I honestly do not think Wilkinson will ever pan out. He has been given so many opportunities … in my opinion if he was going to be a starting LB on the Giants, he would have been already. Says something when 2 years in a row the team signs a veteran FA for a 1yr deal (Mitchell, now Clark) to compete with Wilk and he still can’t get the starting job…

(12/29/08): At the moment I think our top needs are OT, OLB, and WR.... I really don’t like Diehl at LT, he does an OK job but he gets beat up often by some of the elite pass rushers. He got destroyed against Dallas. And McKenzie’s back problems have definitely been affecting his play lately. With those 2 concerns I’d love to see a guy like Black in Giants Blue. As for RB, I agree, they’ll resign Jacobs and let Ward walk. And Ware looks like he could be the next Ward. A HB we sign off the Jets practice squad who rushes for 1000 yards for us! On some limited carries Ware was really impressive against the Vikings. And I really like what I saw out of him in the preseason too. I’d rather we grab a WR in the 3rd instead of a HB, but to be perfectly honest, Jerry Reese could draft a punter and I’d trust him.


(1/6/08): Thanks for the news on Weatherspoon. I’ll contact the site owner and make sure he takes him off the big board and out of the simulations. But yeah, OLB we need a starter. I’ve seen Blackburn in at OLB more and more…. Started a few games… he is not the answer. Good special teamer, but not a starter in my opinion.

I got a good look at LSU OT Ciron Black in their bowl game, and he had a hell of a game. One play that stands out was when LSU had the ball a couple yards short of the goalline… and Black blew his defender off the ball and pancaked him 5 yards deep into the end zone! His RB had a walk in TD as a result. Good stuff.

I think of those 3 LBs you mention, only Clay Matthews Jr (USC) would be available to us in the 2nd. I really think Brandon Spikes (Florida) will go in the first round and probably Clint Sintim (Virginia) too. But I like Matthews a lot. He is kind of an afterthought to Rey Maualuga (USC) and Brian Cushing (USC), but he is a gamer. He comes from a Hall of Fame family… great pedigree. If he is anything like his father then he is a strong character guy that the Giants like. And he had a great game against Penn State. I missed Iowa RB Shonn Greene, but I did DVR that game… I’ll be watching it soon.


(1/6/08): I like LSU's Ciron Black at OT a LOT. I watched him absolutely dominate Georgia Tech, including some matchups against Michael Johnson, the DE from Ga Tech who everyone is so excited about. Black would be an immediate upgrade over Whimper and I think he could be ready to take over for Diehl or McKenzie when the time comes.

I don’t really like us grabbing HB Javon Ringer (MSU) in end of the 2nd round, and I don’t understand why the sim did it. I had DT ranked as a higher need than RB, and a DT was selected right after us! It may be a value pick kind of thing…

My bowl scouting has been good. Caught a ton of games in the past two weeks.

You are going to think I am crazy but hear me out…. If Feagles retires, I say we draft this P/K out of Florida State, Graham Gano. I’m pretty sure he is a senior. Did you see the Citrus Bowl? In the first half, this guy dropped 3 punts INSIDE THE THREE! He is like a young Feagles! If he is around in the 5th, what the hell, let’s take him! A guy that can consistently get us amazing field position is valuable. I am always against drafting punters or kickers but in this case I make an exception.

I kind of like WR Greg Carr from FSU as well. Tall rangy guy. Would have had better stats if they had some QB stability at FSU. Could be Eli’s new fade man, and we might be able to grab him in the 3rd or 4th round. Tho Kenny Britt (Rutgers) is still my #1 man at WR. I don’t like Darrius Heyward-Bey that much, the WR from Maryland. He is highly ranked but I don’t think he can run block a bit. Saw him get blown up a couple times by the Nevada d-backs.

Hmmm who else caught my attention? Brian Orakpo, the DE out of Texas, had a hell of a game last night. He’ll never be around for us to draft, but the guy he beat up, Alex Boone (Ohio State), will be. Hope Jerry avoids Boone. Macho Harris, the CB out of Va Tech, he looks like a real gamer. Also good in the return game. It would be cool if we landed him, though we have much greater needs. It’ll be nice to not have to hold my breath every time McQuarters goes back to return a punt!


My sleeper of the draft is Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly, 6'6" 225+ and a 4.5 40.



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