24 gennaio 2009

Draft Talk #3 - Senior Bowl live thoughts

Graham Harrel can't play in the NFL. Pat White is an offensive playmaker. If utilized correctly, he can be a unique star in the NFL. Mitch King is a playmaker on defense. BJ Raji didnt show up. Max Unger not as good as I thought. The Sam Houston QB has some potential. Didn't like Deangelo Smith at CB. Langster will make plays but not be consistent enough. Cullen Harper played well. Andre Brown out of NC State can run. So can Rashard Jennings out of liberty. Herman Johnson will have a long career at tackle. Despite the fumble I really like Cedric Peerman. Greg Carr wants to play in the NFL. Robiskie thinks it's owed to him. Not impressive to me. The FB from LSU is going to start next year, probably the first FB off the board. Cushing will bust. Haven't even seen Sintim yet. Maualuga will be great. Finally saw Barden on a nice catch. Peria Jerry playin nice in the 3rd quarter. I dont think Juaquin Iglesias will amount to much. Phil Loadholt did not play well. Got beat by Robert Ayers a lot, just like he got beat up by Trattou (Go Bosco!) in the Nat Champs. Peria Jerry playing really, really well. I hope the Giants dp not draft Loadholt. This guy Corey Sheets can run well, very dangerous in open space. Wow Harrell is just killing his draft chances. Making Colt Brennan look like Joe Montana.Stats would have looked worse if Smith pick sixed him. Mayock says Harrell only had one good throw on the night. Mitch King making plays again! Center Caldwell nothing special. Some heavy legged waist bending there! Barwin showing his versatility. Macho Harris is looking solid. Ramses Barden couldn't hang on. Sherrod Martin will stink at DB. Iglesias is playing better, much better, so I recant what I said earlier. Jerry making plays again. Great pass rusher. Ramses Barden quitting on a route, looked like it could have been a TD. He is not Giants material. Pat White should be MVP. Yup, he is! Great game, Pat! I wish him the utmost success. Unless of course, he lands in the NFC East with a team not from New York.

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