10 aprile 2006

Another reason I voted for Bush

Even though he is some sort of Protestant, his mind is far more Catholic than John Kerry... the pro-abortion so-called "Catholic."

Bush Hails Church's Contributions
Addresses National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

WASHINGTON, D.C., APRIL 7, 2006 (ZENIT.org).- President George Bush spoke on the Church's contribution to freedom, defending life, and immigration in his address to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in the U.S. capital.

The Catholic Church, the president said today, "offers a vision of human freedom and dignity rooted in the same self-evident truths of America's founding."

"This morning we ask God to guide us as we work together to live up to these timeless truths," he added.

"Freedom is a gift from the Almighty," continued Bush, "and the Catholic Church and its institutions play a vital role in helping our citizens acquire the character we need to live as free people."

Bush also recalled the role of Pope John Paul II in fighting for freedom in Europe.
"Pope John Paul told us, 'Be not afraid,' because he knew that an empire built on lies was ultimately destined to fail," he said. "Like his predecessor," continued Bush, "Benedict XVI understands that the measure of a free society is how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable among us."

The president also expressed gratitude for the "leading role that the Catholic faith-based organizations play in our nation's armies of compassion," especially for their work to welcome newcomers to the country.

Bush then commented on immigration: "An immigration system that forces people into the shadows of our society, or leaves them prey to criminals is a system that needs to be changed."


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