05 aprile 2006

Why is....

Why is Literary Praise not an academic discipline?

Why are lawyers even bothering to try Saddam Hussein? (just today he denied all charges of illegal executions).

In a way the Saddam trial is pretty funny. It highlights the idiocy of people who are so caught up in theory that they have no clue how to do things in real life. And when Saddam talks back to the judge I think it is hilarious! Like yesterday:

When told by the judge to refrain from political statements, Saddam Hussein said: "You're scared of the interior minister, he doesn't scare my dog."

Throughout Wednesday's questioning, Saddam — dressed in a black suit and white shirt — appeared relaxed, frequently shooting grins at chief prosecutor Jaafar al-Moussawi and even reciting a short bit of poetry to the judge.

Hussein still says that the whole trial is illegitimate! I do not know if he is truly insane or he is just treating this whole thing as a huge joke. It could be either. But it is funny to read his comments.

Why won't Democrats and Republicans admit that they would rather leave the borders wide open than potentially lose Hispanic votes?

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