24 giugno 2009

Smiling girls in background really disturbed me

So today I happened to put on the news right when Mark Sanford, the SC governor, was announcing his whereabouts for the past week, extramarital affair, and a whole host of other problems. It was sad. All I felt for the man was pity, and especially for his family, who has been betrayed and humiliated. But I do admire Sanford's stand-up approach, total humility, and honesty. He knows he screwed up, BIG TIME, and he did seem genuinely sorry. He admitted all of his foibles and sins for the world to see and judge, rather than hide or deny it.

Anyway, throughout the press conference, there were three women/girls (they were really young) who seriously disturbed me. They were grinning all throughout, not the kind of grin you have when you are expecting some thing great, but the sort of evil grin flashed at someone else's demise. Someone else who you do not like. Were these girls super libs? Most likely. Were they extremely unprofessional? Yes. And more than annoy, they disturbed me. Because to be on camera, when someone is baring his soul, listening to him announce how horrible he is and how ashamed he is, basically watching a man's family life and political career go down in flames - and GRIN about it.... what kind of sick women are these? Very sick. Disturbing.

Below is a link to the video. There is a tall, attractive white girl on the left, and right below her is a short dark skinned girl - the worst of the offenders. On the right, at times you will see a chubby black girl. All of them are smiling like they just won the lottery. Disturbing, really. I can't stop thinking about how twisted their minds must be. My only hope is that it is a manifestation of some hebephrenic neurosis... but for all 3 of them to have that? Unlikely. Also, you can tell that the girls on the left eventually figured out they were on camera... the tall white one leaned down to whisper something to the short one, and they tried to be stoic after that. The girl on the right had some cameraman push in front of her.

The Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uSNwjJaPAo

And do try to ignore the YouTube comments... I can't imagine that the conversations of the damned are much different.

Rush Limbaugh's thoughts on the matter, which I pretty much agree with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C40CFAqjLdc

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