11 luglio 2008

Expected protests at WYD 2008

When I went to Germany for WYD 2005, the worst protester I saw was some wacked out Protestant with a huge sign that said "The pope is the beast." (the beast from Revelation). I know that argument in and out, I think he needs a history lesson, but when all is said and done he was another Christian trying to spread (his version of) the gospel. This year, it looks worse...

from ZENIT

Sydneysiders have been asked politely, or maybe not so politely, to avoid annoying or inconveniencing World Youth Day pilgrims. Pesky merchants or protestors, or mere nuisances, could be penalized with fines of more than $5,000.

Australian civil rights campaigners are set to challenge the regulation in federal courts. The Combined Community Legal Centers Group has warned that police powers could be used inappropriately during World Youth Day.

Going out on a limb, but I bet these groups lean to the left.

So to just push the issue, the NoToPope Coalition, which includes members of Sydney's atheist, gay and environmental communities, held an "annoying" fashion show this week outside the New South Wales Parliament, in which they paraded in T-shirts sporting messages contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Although only 20 people gathered for the protest, it received international coverage.
Don't tell me the media has no bias... A 20 person protest receiving international coverage? That only happens if the Catholic Church is being protested. Not even anti-Bush protesters get that much attention.

The coalition says it also plans to stage similar protests and hand out condoms as the pilgrims head to Randwick Racecourse on for the youth day vigil July 19.

Of course, because Catholic youth from around the world spent 2 years raising and saving $3500 each for airfare just to have sex with each other in Australia, but they forgot to bring condoms! Honestly, this really pisses me off. Of course this group will say they are trying to promote "safe-sex," but they are just doing this to be an annoyance. If they really care about "safe-sex," go to some third world country ravaged by venereal disease and hand out your condoms there. Don't bother with a bunch of kids, 95% who have committed to saving themselves until they are married, accompanied by priests and nuns who have vowed celibacy. That is like handing out air conditioning units to Eskimos. (oops, I'm sorry, Inuits)

The state government said the regulation is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the event, which will culminate with an open-air Mass on July 20. Some 500,000 people are expected at the event.

Coalition spokeswoman Rachel Evans said the "peaceful protest" would condemn the Pope's stance against condoms, homosexuality and abortion.

One young Catholic leader in the archdiocese and co-coordinator of the "Love and Life Site," Jovina Graham, laughed at the thought of such a scenario, saying, "such protestors obviously are unaware of the peaceful fortitude of these young people while en masse marching to meet the head of the Church!"

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Amelie ha detto...

Similar things happened at Toronto WYD - someone from Catholics for a Free Choice (they really think they're Catholic?) was handing out condoms to pilgrims, but most of the pilgrims threw them out. Several people in Toronto and Cologne were handing out anti-Catholic literature (someone in Cologne even gave me a Chick tract) but most pilgrims were throwing them out 5 minutes after taking them.

Another thing about media coverage - there was a big protest in Ottawa recently against Dr. Henry Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada and it got no media coverage. The whole thing just got swept under the rug.

As for *vomit* Morgentaler *vomit* getting the Order of Canada, don't even get me started...