16 febbraio 2006

Cheney's recent hunting accident

The hoopla over Cheney's hunting accident reveals why I have a lot of trouble trusting any criticism of Republicans that comes out of a liberal's mouth. What? Here's the deal: Bill Clinton cheated on his wife, he had many affairs, he was even accused by Juanita Brown of raping her. It takes him 9 months to admit that he lied under oath, that he was not faithful to his wife, and he still does not answer Brown's rape charge.

Dick Cheney, on the other hand, accidentally hits a friend with bird shot while they are out hunting. Key word: accidental. Yet he is being harassed to no end by the same media and liberals that practically worship the floor that Clinton walks on.

This attitude is so entrenched in liberal thought, the attitude of different standards for different people, depending on how far left or right that they are, that the liberals have lost all credibility in my mind.

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