22 febbraio 2006

Takbir is a scary idiot

He is so stupid! The leader of the new Black Panther movement, named Takbir. He recently had a rally in D.C. with about a dozen supporters. Most of it was spent yelling at peaceful protestors. The highlight of the event had to be when he confused the Danish with the Dutch. Or when he called the white people irreformable cave-dwelling beasts who can never know God. You can download or stream the video from this page. Laugh, or cry, or both. Takbir makes Kanye West look intelligent.

In other news, seven years of legal ping pong in the French courts cases has finally come to an end, costing God knows how many dollars in legal fees. The result is that 3 paprazzi photographers who bothered Princess Di must pay a total of ONE EURO (yes, one, single euro between the three of them) in "damages" to Mohamed al Fayed, the father of Di's boyfriend who died with her in the Paris car crash. I swear I did not make this up! You can read about it here.

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