24 febbraio 2006

Mandatory sterilizations in India make Hitler proud....

Church in India Condemns Judge's Sterilization Order

Teachers, Public Servants and Village Leaders Forced to Fulfill a Quota
fuente: http://www.zenit.org/english/visualizza.phtml?sid=84990
ALLAHABAD, India, FEB. 23, 2006 (Zenit.org).- A district judge has issued an order forcing teachers, public servants and village leaders to fulfill a "sterilization" quota by March 31 on pains of dismissal, suspension or transfer.

In other words... if you don't fulfill your sterilization quota, you don't eat, and you may be forced to move.

The AsiaNews agency of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions reported the news Tuesday, adding that public school teachers are now required to promote sterilization among students and their families.

The Catholic Church "strongly condemns this sterilization plan which is contrary to God's laws and morality, and [which] must be stopped without delay for the good of the nation," said the new secretary-general of the Indian bishops' conference, Archbishop Stanislaus Fernandes of Gandhinagar. The archbishop told AsiaNews that that Judge Amrit Abhijat's order is "unacceptable."

For their part, teachers are shocked by the new "task" imposed on them, AsiaNews said. "We are treated like bonded laborers," said Ravi Prasad Chaurasia, a primary school teacher in the district. "Are we supposed to teach students or ask them to bring their parents to medical camps for sterilization? It is shameful, but who is going to listen to us?"

10 per employee

Under the court order, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Class III employees in the Medical and Health Department are required to bring 10 people for sterilization, noted AsiaNews. Targets for village leaders have not been announced "but some of them have already started to recruit victims," the news agency said.

Judge Abhijat told the local press that for him family planning comes above everything else because the root cause of all evils is population explosion. "We have to take up this challenge on a priority basis," he stressed. "

Echoes of Malthus, Darwin, and Hitler are ringing through the subcontinent. Even worse is the modernist notion that the root of evil is simply people. Not what they do, but their very existence. In China, some women are forced into mandatory abortions. It is the other side of this same coin.

Judge Abhijat's order cannot but shock every Indian," said Father Babu Joseph, director of the episcopate's Media and Communications Department. "It is shocking first of all because it involves people who educate the young, and secondly because family planning falls within the jurisdiction of the Health Department and not the courts." "The Church cannot accept a barbarous practice like sterilization," the priest said. "It promotes instead natural methods of family planning which is the only path for a responsible population policy."

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