21 febbraio 2006

Some hard statistics on the mythical "safety" of abortion

The United Nations Populations Division recently released The World Mortality Report: 2005, and has produces some interesting statistics which contradict the "abortion makes the world safer" propoganda spread by many pro-choice groups.

Two of the largest countries in which abortion is legal are the U.S.A and Russia. Per every 100,000 births, Russia sees 67 women die, and the USA sees 17 women die.
In Ireland and Poland, where abortion is illegal, the maternal mortality rate is 13 and 5 per 100,000 births, respectively.

This directly contradicts the pro-abortion party line of "abortion makes childbirth safer for women." It does not.

Also, a recent New Zealand study by pro-choice Dr. David M. Fergusson showed that women who have had abortions are at a higher risk for suicide, major depression, anxiety disorder, and drug dependence. This study took 25 years to conduct, as it studied the mental health of 500 women from birth to age 25. The scope of this study allowed Fergusson to incorporate the effect of sociocultural, family life, and other factors into his results.

What is my point here? That when pro-choice groups make the claim that abortions make the world safer for women, they are just plain wrong, or even worse, lying.

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