16 febbraio 2006


I began a blog on this site about a year and a half ago. I have tried a million times but cannot log back in to update it. So, this may be the only time I ever post here, as well. We'll see.

This blog will be my place to vent about whatever is running through my mind. I couldn't care less if anyone reads it, although I won't deny that I already have dreams of being "blog of the year" and getting a book deal because I am such a genius.

But first of all, let's make a law here. No more usage of the word "blog." What an awful word! It sounds like a huge piece of snot. So I will call this thing anything but the "b" word. Any ideas? LOL, like anyone is reading this anyway! Well, I will think of something, and get back to you, my faithful audience. Right now we do not know what to call this, but at least we know what it is not... a giant piece of snot.

And who knows if I'll ever get back on here to write anything else... this may all be for naught. There goes that book deal, there goes the world discovering the hidden genius of New Jersey.

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